1 day ago

    Google’s new floating keyboard is so helpful, it’ll put you on cloud nine

    Google has added an interesting new feature to its Gboard Android keyboard app. It’s called floating…
    Emerging Tech
    3 days ago

    Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor review

    Philips Hue’s Lightstrip Outdoor offers rich colors and is a versatile addition to your home’s…
    5 days ago

    Softly spoken interactions with Alexa now possible with new Whisper Mode

    You don’t need to shout at Alexa anymore. From Thursday, Alexa’s Whisper Mode started to…
    6 days ago

    Heads up, George Jetson: Terrafugia starts taking orders for its flying car

    The Terrafugia Transition flying car was unveiled almost a decade ago but, like many similar projects, it…
    1 week ago

    Uniqlo’s robotic warehouse requires 90 percent fewer human workers

    Truth is, robots have been doing the work of humans in some industries for years…
    1 week ago

    Updated Intel processor benchmarks still beat AMD Ryzen competitor, but by less

    After some major controversy surrounding Principled Technologies’ testing of the Intel i9-9900K and AMD Ryzen 2700X processors, the benchmarking…
    Smart Home
    2 weeks ago

    Patent shows Alexa may soon detect when you’re sick and suggest remedies

    How many times have you felt under the weather and wished someone could bring you…
    2 weeks ago

    Here’s why the spectacular SpaceX rocket launch in California looked so incredible

    The combination of Elon Musk and social media haven’t exactly been a winning recipe for…
    Movies & TV
    3 weeks ago

    The best shows on Netflix right now (October 2018)

    Netflix has a treasure trove of terrific movies that you can stream right now, but…
    3 weeks ago

    iPhone XS and XS Max make substantial camera upgrades over the iPhone X

    The iPhone XS and XS Max pack great cameras, but on paper they may not seem like big enough…
      3 weeks ago

      The best shows on Netflix right now (October 2018)

      Netflix has a treasure trove of terrific movies that you can stream right now, but if you’re looking for more…
      September 17, 2018

      The best Apple Watch deals for September 2018

      When smartwatches came onto the scene a few years ago, they left many people – devout techies included – scratching…
      August 28, 2018

      What changed on Apple’s new MacBook Pro (and why you’ll care)

      After a lackluster response to the redesigned MacBook Pro, Apple took user criticism to heart in an attempt to put…
      August 24, 2018

      What does that high score cost you? Why one in five gamers falls victim to fraud

      Fortnite, the incredibly popular battle royale shooter by Epic Games, has seen a recent rise in scams that trick players…
      August 18, 2018

      Art-inspired face blurring can obscure identity without losing humanity

      f you want to know how someone feels, there are only a few cues to rely on. You can study…
      August 11, 2018

      For Monaris, it’s a photography career launched on an iPhone and Instagram

      aola Franqui doesn’t have your typical photographer’s backstory. She didn’t start taking pictures as a kid after a revered family…

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