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Strava unveils Summit, a new a la carte membership plan

The analysis pack takes the data coming from your connected device and allows you to deep dive into the metrics that are recorded while exercising. The pack doesn’t just focus on one part of a workout. You can analyze the pace of a workout, the intensity of the activity, and the effect the exercise has on your overall fitness.

The third and final pack is the safety pack which bundles those features that will keep you safe while exploring. This pack allows you to plan adventures in new locations or view a global heat map to find a new favorite place to exercise. Military members should be careful with this feature. You also get access to Strava beacon, a real-time tracking feature that lets you pick friends and family members who can track you as you train or compete.

Strava thankfully didn’t use these new membership options to bump up the price of its plans. The new Strava Summit bundle includes all three packs and costs $60 per year or $8 monthly just like the former premium plans. The Strava Summit training, analysis, and safety packs will cost $24 each when paid annually or $3 each per month if you prefer a month-to-month option.

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